Monday, June 30, 2008

All bets are off with Clue...

Has anyone seen the movie Clue? It is a very funny and clever 1985 film starring Tim Curry, based on the board game of the same name. Very fun, I highly recommend it.

Who done it?

Was it Mr.Green with the pipe?

Professor Plum with the revolver?

Miss. Scarlett with the candlestick?

Mrs.Peacock with the knife?

Poor singing-telegram girl.

Who would win?

My money's on the Mounties.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mein Herr

I like this Miu Miu advertisment because it reminds me of the choreography during the song " Mein Herr " from " Cabaret. "

" Who's Captain Howdy? "

I love this!

Chris MacNeil: [Ouija pointer pulls away from Chris] You really don't want me to play huh?
Regan MacNeil: No I do, Captain Howdy said no.
Chris MacNeil: Captain who?
Regan MacNeil: Captain Howdy.
Chris MacNeil: Who's Captain Howdy?
Regan MacNeil: You know, I make the questions and he does the answers.
Chris MacNeil: Oh, Captain Howdy...


What girl doesn't want a doll with a machine gun leg?

Nick and Norah/Sid and Nancy Part 2

From the original post:" Which dynamic duo had the best style? "

style.street said...
such a great blog. thankyou. and regarding the last post i vote sid and nancy. although malcolm and vivianne are my absolute faves!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Prince of Puke

" His favorite childhood memory was seeing real blood on the seat of a wrecked car when visiting a scrap yard and fantasizing about lethal car crashes. "

" He is obsessed with true-crime and regularly attends gory trials all over the US, where he often sees the same faces in the public galleries. "

" Subscribes to more than 80 magazines. Also goes to see just about every movie that comes out and hardly ever rents movies. "

" Has taught classes at the Patuxent Institution, a correctional facility located halfway between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The classes are meant as rehabilitation therapy for convicted killers, in which they learn to write about their violent fantasies rather than act them out. "

" Bears such a strong resemblance to actor Steve Buscemi that as a joke, John Waters sent out cards with a photo of Buscemi made up to look like Waters. "

" Grew his thin pencil-line mustache in honor of Little Richard. "

" There is a special section of his immense book collection devoted to Liberace. "

" Many of his characters have alliterated names (Dawn Davenport, Francine Fishpaw, Tracy Turnblad, Penny Pingleton, Sylvia Stickles). "

" As a youth he would watch adult-only films at the local drive-in, with binoculars. "

He has a plastic food collection, a collection of serial killer action figures, and a prop electric chair (used in Female Trouble).

Sources: imdb and Radar magazine.

" Be running up that road, be running up that hill, be running up that building. "