Friday, October 31, 2008

The Fall of the House of Usher

Today is Halloween, and what could be a better post than that of Vincent Price's movies? And as the title implies I will be talking about this fantastically-low budget 1960 film:

This is a just alright movie. But what really caught my attention was Roderick Usher's paintings. They are creepy and insane in the best possible way, with bold slashes of oil paint. Here is a Flicker with some on it: Usher Gallery
I particularly like the first and second ones. They seem like depictions of Madeline, the first being before she was entombed, and the second being her vengeful rage.

Also I dare anyone to not love this: Vincent Price's Halloween Special

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm Not Dead Yet

To make up for the lack of Halloween posts, I bring you this sensitive, young man:

Oh Tim Burton, my love for you can not be described.

Did anyone watch Saturday Night Live last night and see "Vincent Price's Halloween Special" ? That was great fun. "When I say I'm a pirate, that means I'm a pirate. Rrrrrr!" And Jon Hamm's impression of James Mason was uncanny.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I smell a project coming on.

I love how the collection was inspired by Japanese horror films.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bad Things

Did anyone see the first episode of True Blood? I thought it was okay, I'd have to see another episode to get a real feel for it. But one thing is for sure, I really liked the opening credits.

On a slightly different note, Pottery Barn has really amazing Halloween stuff this year. Which was pleasantly surprising. I might use these for inspiration for my own Halloween party.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm a sucker for a "The Shining" reference.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Napoleon Complex

The art of Lisa Falzon is breathtaking. The colors, the imagery, everything. Though I love almost everything of hers, my favorite is the image of Jos├ęphine de Beauharnais and a tiny Napoleon Bonaparte wrapped around her finger.

Lisa Falzon's Micro-Fiction Blog

What Hump?

I quite like this t-shirt from Threadless. It satisfies my need of flesh hungry zombies in retro Mystery Machine colors, but at the same time it looks like a nice pattern from far away. Even better? Its $12.

" I Killed My Dinner With Karate... "

When talking about Joanna Newsom with a friend, the below conversation went something like this:

Myself: Do you like Joanna Newsom?
Friend: Uh... her voice is... odd.
M: She does sound like an old lady crossed with a screeching cat.
F: I like that you even knew what I was talking about.

Oh well, we can still enjoy this nice Joanna painting by Ordinary Forest (A Black Apple) .

Required Listening: The Book of Right-On

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thats What It Is

Feather boas, jelly-roll cakes, polka dots, colorful crayons, pajamas, daisies, platform shoes, pastel hair, little girl's dreams...

Lula magazine, Spring/Summer 2008.

Under My Umbrella...Chandelier

Taking advice from The Art of Darkness I went to the Better Homes and Gardens website, and found an intriguing project for a chandelier. Observe: Spooky Decorations .

This song is currently on repeat for me.

I got the style but not the grace
I got the clothes but not the face
I got the bread but not the butter
I got the wind but not the shutter
But I'm big in Japan I'm big in Japan But heh I'm big in Japan
I got the house but not the deed
I got the horn but not the reed
I got the cards but not the luck
I got the wheel but not the truck
But heh I'm big in Japan I'm big in Japan I'm big in Japan
I got the moon I got the cheese I got the whole damn nation
On its knees I got the rooster I got the crow
I got the ebb I got the flow
I got the powder but not the gun
I got the dog but not the bun
I got the clouds but not the sky
I got the stripes but not the tie
But heh I'm big in Japan I'm big in Japan I'm big in Japan
Heh ho they love the way I do it
Heh ho there's really nothing to it
I got the moon I got the cheese
I got the whole damn nation on their knees
I got the rooster I got the crow
I got the ebb I got the flow
I got the sizzle but not the steak
I got the boat but not the lake
I got the sheets but not the bed
I got the jam but not the bread
But heh I'm big in Japan I'm big in Japan I'm big in Japan
I'm big in Japan, I'm big in Japan
-Tom Waits " Big In Japan "

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lock, Shock, Barrel: Kidnap Mr. Sandy Claws?

Martha Stewart has a costume idea that reminds me a lot of Lock from The Nightmare Before Christmas. So in honor of the new edition, I thought I would post the instructions here.

Devil Horns How-To
Choose a medium-width headband (ours was 3/8 inch wide). To make horns, use lightweight air-drying modeling clay. Roll clay into cones, and curl tops with hands, making sure the cones' bottoms are flat. Let dry according to package directions, then cover with black or red acrylic paint. When paint is dry, coat one side of each horn with a thin layer of craft glue and apply glitter generously, sprinkling over horns. Let dry, then glitter opposite side. Once glue is dry, attach horns to headband with hot glue.

Photos and instructions from the Martha Stewart website.

How To Successfully Alienate People, Part 2

October Effigies used to make an adorable Rosemary Woodhouse doll. Its out of stock now, but I'm hoping for a comeback. Carry it around and ask bystanders " Tannis, anyone? "

Friday, August 22, 2008

" May I admire you again today? "

Does anyone else feel like the Fall 2008 Betsey Johnson collection was designed by Andie Walsh? I know I do.