Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lock, Shock, Barrel: Kidnap Mr. Sandy Claws?

Martha Stewart has a costume idea that reminds me a lot of Lock from The Nightmare Before Christmas. So in honor of the new edition, I thought I would post the instructions here.

Devil Horns How-To
Choose a medium-width headband (ours was 3/8 inch wide). To make horns, use lightweight air-drying modeling clay. Roll clay into cones, and curl tops with hands, making sure the cones' bottoms are flat. Let dry according to package directions, then cover with black or red acrylic paint. When paint is dry, coat one side of each horn with a thin layer of craft glue and apply glitter generously, sprinkling over horns. Let dry, then glitter opposite side. Once glue is dry, attach horns to headband with hot glue.

Photos and instructions from the Martha Stewart website.

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