Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Life Before Her Eyes

I just finished a great book by Laura Kasischke, called The Life Before Her Eyes. And now they have made a movie of it starring Evan Rachel Wood, Uma Thurman, and Eva Amurri. I love Eva Amurri and Uma Thurman, so I definitely want to see this.

" They're in the girl's room when they hear they first dot-dot-dot of semi-automatic gunfire. It sounds phony and far away, and they keep doing what they're doing-brushing their hair, looking at their reflections in the mirror...
Dot-dot-dot. "


Erin said...

I clicked on The Year of Secret Assignments, which I have listed in my profile as a favorite book, and it brought up profiles of other people who have that book listed as well, and so it brought up your profile, which brought me to your blog, which I read a bunch of posts on and I really like it. Just to let you know. :)

Sally Bowles said...

Hey thanks! Feel free to drop by anytime, posts served up daily(ish).