Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"People first, then money, then things, then jackets."

Most likely everyone knows that Suzabelle makes beautiful clothing. Especially their jackets. The only problem. They're a tad expensive (upwards of $125). So with fall approaching, where can you find the cool, structured style of Suzabelle, on a budget?

The Gap has been looking pretty good lately. I especially like this particular jacket. Its $78, but hopefully by the time it is actually cold enough to wear it, it will be on sale.

But my heart truely belongs to this Gap jacket, which I came upon whilst reading Nylon magazine. Too bad the website doesn't seem to sell it yet.


Arielle said...

the first and the third one are really cute!

Sally Bowles said...

They are. Sadly. they are out of my price range.