Monday, July 21, 2008

Clown Shoes...And Socks

Ever since seeing The Dark Knight yesterday, I have become obsessed with the combination of bright, checkered socks and scruffy, slighty clownish shoes that The Joker wears. I try to hunt down some look-a-likes.

The Original
These socks are perfect, but is very annoying in a way that they don't seem to sell anything.

These are apparently handmade, but again, they are from yourprops.

Okay, these aren't exactly the same but the have the right idea, and they are called " Carnival. " Found at

I found these two pairs, and they are pretty much the same, except the second one has laces. They are very affordable at, but unfortunately they are Steve Madden, and he is not known for the best quality shoes.

Look, even Teen Vogue is doing it. The downside? The socks are $50 and the shoes are $255. Ouch.

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