Saturday, July 26, 2008


How cute is Emily Martin of The Black Apple? Not only does she produce adorable products for her etsy store, her outfits are just as amazing. With a penchant for knee high socks, Remix shoes, vintage slips, and handmade accessories, you can't go wrong.

Its all in the details.

In a blond wig and a trench coat.

Emily apparently owns only two pairs of pants.

She customizes almost all of her clothing, even this bag from Target.

In its original form.

Embracing the avian trend.

Emily took ballet for 10 years of her life, but she became " a bit too curvy for it. " As a curvy girl myself who took ballet, I salute you!

Emily loves her knee high socks. She gets her's from Sock Dreams.

A surprise inside.

Presidentially perfect.

A slip in one of Emily's favored colors, chartreuse.

All pictures from Emily's fashion blog, " Some Girls Wander. "

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