Friday, July 11, 2008

The Next Big Thing

Art School Dropout is an awesome website with excellent products. The creater, Jessee Maloney, even had her gorgeous owl plaques featured on Fredflare's " Next Big Thing. "

Q: How old is your company and how did you get your start?
A: My company is almost 5 years old. I started out making tote bags that I sold at local shops in Baltimore City, MD. A year or so into it I found a bunch of cool vintage flower beads and by accident starting making my one-of-a-kind Juxtapose necklaces. That’s when I started online and everything picked up.

Q: What is the origin of your company’s name?
A: I’m sorta embarrassed by this, but my name comes from the fact that I was kicked out of art school. (I won’t say which one!) Not because of anything academic - I was just a stupid kid who made a stupid mistake - and the school needed someone to use as an example. I felt that “Art School Kickout” didn’t sound too great, so after some thought I went with “Dropout.” And truthfully, I probably wouldn’t have stayed much longer anyway.

Q: What inspired these rad owl plaques?
A: I was inspired by all the cool looking plaques you find at thrift stores. You know, the ones with the owls on a branch, birds and flowers, deer, etc. I love them and always want to buy them, but they’re usually brown and gold or something like that, and I like bright, colorful things in my home. So I made a simpler, brighter, more colorful version. I put them online because I thought there may be others out there like me.

Q: Besides awesome home items, you’re known for fantastic plastic jewelry adored by cute girls everywhere. We see you’ve even made some pieces teeny tiny sized for Blythe! How did that come about?
A: Thank you! I made the first two Blythe necklaces from pieces I use for earrings. I sent them to a friend as a gift because I saw how much she loved her Blythe dolls. I had been wanting one for myself for awhile, but could never get up the nerve to spend that much on one. So I decided to make a bunch of Blythe-sized necklaces to sell to raise the money to buy one for myself. They did very well, I reached my goal and I will be purchasing a doll very soon! And since they are so much fun to make, I don’t think I’ll stop making them…

Q: What inspires you?
A: I am inspired most by my sisters. I think of them whenever I’m making things. They are vibrant, colorful girls who are always trying something new.
(From Fredflare)

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