Sunday, July 27, 2008

" Four score and seven years ago... "

On my last post I showed a picture of Emily Martin of The Black Apple fame, wearing a very adorable Abraham Lincoln brooch. I am now obsessed with it and I must obtain my own.

" I got really fixated on the idea of an Abraham Lincoln brooch...I do that a lot, get an idea of something that I want, and then have no idea how to obtain said item.
But I found a nice Abe cabochon-type-pin on Etsy! Hooray.
It is currently a favorite accessory. " -From " Some Girls Wander. "

Unfortunately, since Emily bought hers from Etsy, it is probably one of a kind.(Which would explain why I couldn't find it, or anything like it.) Fortunately though, I can still get my Lincoln fix with this " Honest Abe Bracelet " and " Abe was a Babe Necklace " from Naughty Secretary Club.

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